Sunday, 15 January 2012

1st Hj Gani's World Bowling Championship 2012!

Alhamdulillah, we able to received great response from family members, hence will be my honor to confirm that the 1st Haji Gani's World Bowling Championship will be happen soon!! Below are the details of the tournament:

Venue: Alamanda Putrajaya
Date: 22nd January 2012
Time: 3.00pm
Fee: less than RM20 per head(included rental a pair of bowl shoe)

Name of participants confirmed:
1.Kak pijah
2.Alun anur
3.Abg Mat Redha
4. Syikin
5. Rohani
6. Murtadha
7. Husni
8. Indok Bedah/sakdiah
9. Ad
10. Bahiyah
11. Hafiz
12. Ayi
13. Aman
14. Amalina
15. Azliah
16. Amila
17. Abg Usop
18. Abg Audin
19. Kak Arifah
20. Aiman
21. Anep
22. Kak Zati
23. Nurul
24. Pak Lang

there is change on number of game we will play, which after consideration will be only 2 games play instead of 3 games.

We hope to see everyone there by time, and I believe everyone is about to make preparation for the upcoming event!! We will please to see lots of strike as well as longkang!!haha

We invite to all family members who not play to be with us together to make the game full of joy and joyness!!

Hopefully, this is going to be a success program, and if it does, we can make it as an annual event.

See you guys there!!

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