Sunday, 8 January 2012

Yes!! Its Bowling Time!!

As I posted on the wall of Family Tn Hj Abd Gani's facebook page, i like to do the same, by inviting the family member here to participate in bowling tournament which is propose on 22nd January 2011 at Alamanda Putrajaya. Thanks to Pak Cu Arif for the idea.

Below are the rules & regulations:
  1. Must be 16 and above.
  2. doesn't matter to people who sucks with bowling, in fact these people are most welcomed!!! (haha..longkang!!)
  3. participant will be divide into group, and the winner will be based to the group who achieve high score. participant will randomly put in their group before the tournament begin.
  4. there will be 3 games altogether. (which means 30 throws per person)
  5. there will be fee apply for every registration per person. of course, the amount won't be too significant!!
  6. those who interested, please reply to this post. please confirm your participation before 14th jan 2011.
yet, this hasn't been confirmed until we received positive response from family members who wish to join the tournament. TQ.

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